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A new era of Journey Into Mystery has begun, with a new creative team — writer Kathryn Immonen and artist Valerio Schiti — starting their run earlier this month with issue #646, along with new main character, Sif. Newsarma talked with Immonen about building up the main character, what being the new highest-numbered comic at Marvel means to her, and the unlikelihood of Sif ending up as a parallel universe yoga instructor.

Newsarama: Kathryn, though clearly your Journey Into Mystery is different than what’s come before — new creative team, new main character — there are still some clear ties, from the Asgardian focus down to the continuation of the numbering of the series. What type of subtle similarities do you see between what you’re doing with the book, and what Kieron Gillen did for the past couple of years? Thematically, do you see a connection?

Kathryn Immonen:…

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